I consider working for the local church such a privilege and honor. It’s not a job, it’s a calling. I don’t work a day in my life because I LOVE WHAT I DO! I love my church family — those I’ve connected with and those I still have yet to meet.

My family — my superhero husband, William, of 27 years and my lovely young adult children, William and Leilani — are all followers of Jesus who are passionate about using their God-given gifts to worship and serve the Lord. We love to serve in the local church. It’s not just what we do — it’s our life, and it’s who we are! Jesus has done too much for us not to love him, follow him and serve him!

I have a passion for helping people as they grow in their relationships with Jesus and others. I enjoy playing a part in creating a church family where people feel loved, supported, and a sense of belonging. Through my role as Community Groups Pastor, I have the daily opportunity of pursuing my passion for people and creating environments and connections where they can experience community with others and grow in their faith. I love the statement “Life is not meant to be walked alone.” And my goal is to help people feel a sense of fellowship and family here at Worship Center.

In my spare time I love to cook my Puerto Rican food for family and friends. I love to see people eat, laugh, and have fun. I’m a hugger and I love to laugh. Laughing and hugging are the best medicines for the soul!