Small Group Guidelines & Ground Rules

Betsy Torres   -  

A new Group season is starting and you might be asking yourself what’s a great way to get started with my Group? What are some things that could be helpful? Maybe you’ve been leading a Group and noticed some things that were off in your last season and you’re just not quite sure how to address these things.

Well, it may be time for you to give your Group members some reminders of what Groups are all about and how it could benefit all.

One of our Team Leaders shared some guidelines he uses to kickoff his Group season. These could be great to adopt for your Group as well!

  1. Confidentiality – Remember that everything shared in the Group is to remain confidential. This will protect your Group and encourage trust and acceptance. Unless you have permission, do not share anything personal outside of your Group.
  2. Openness – Be at ease. Do your best to be open and honest during discussions. Your transparency will encourage others.
  3. Respect for Group Members – Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Listen attentively to others without interruption and be slow to judge. Allow others to share.
  4. Respect your spouse’s privacy – During your Group discussions, be careful to guard your spouse’s feelings and privacy. Use the discussions to center on yourself, to work on your relationship with God, and what you are learning. If a sensitive issue involves your spouse, and discussing it would embarrass or devalue them in the eyes of the Group, save the discussion for your home. If you have any doubts about sharing an experience or example, take a second, look at your spouse and ask permission.
  5. Priority – Make this Small Group a priority in your schedule and a commitment to each other. If you cannot attend or are running late, please give your Leader a call or send a text.
  6. Support – Actively support Group Members by coming prepared and participating in discussions. Pray during the week for all of the Group Members. Side note: Leaders don’t make people back out of coming if they didn’t “prepare”, but bringing any notes they made on Sunday is a good practice.
  7. Commitment – As with anything worthwhile in life, what you receive from this Small Group is directly related to the time, effort, and energy that you put into it. Commit to showing up for each session and being open to what God wants to teach you through this study.

Group guidelines and ground rules are a great tool to help your Group get the most out of your time together. Leaders, you have what it takes. Have a great season.

Thank you for leaning into Leading Well – it makes an eternal difference.