Deciding to follow Jesus

God lays out a tangible way for us to identify with Christ in His death and resurrection – the act of water baptism. Baptism presents a clear picture for you to recognize and celebrate the redemptive life change that is continually occurring within you. 


The next Water Baptism is scheduled during services May 26 & 27. Click below if you are interested in being baptized!


Can my child be baptized?

If your child has accepted Christ as his/her Savior, and understands that water baptism is the next step in his/her Christian walk, then he/she is able to participate.

Worship Center does not baptize babies or very young children, but we do offer baby dedication several times throughout the year.

We offer a class called Taking the Plunge designed for students in grades 2-4. This multi-session class takes place during a Sunday service for 4 consecutive weeks and covers foundational biblical truths, the significance of being baptized, and the practical steps involved. For more information about the next Taking the Plunge, email .