Water Baptism

Deciding to Follow Jesus

One of Jesus' commands was for His followers to be water baptized. Jesus Himself was baptized by John the Baptist as He started His earthly ministry. Come follow Him in His footsteps as you publicly proclaim your faith in Jesus!

Upcoming Dates 

November 21 & 22

In order to provide a meaningful experience for each person being baptized while minimizing the risks associated with COVID-19, we are limiting the number of people being baptized in each service. In addition, we are asking that those in the tank helping to baptize wear a mask; those being baptized do not need to wear a mask. 

Can my child be baptized?

Yes! Worship Center baptizes children who are of age to comprehend what it means to accept Christ as their Savior and the essential step that water baptism is in their Christian walk.

Baptism Class for Kids

We offer a class called Taking the Plunge designed for students in grades 2-4. This multi-session class takes place during a Sunday service for 4 consecutive weeks and covers foundational biblical truths, the significance of being baptized, and the practical steps involved. 

The next Taking the Plunge class is being held in October. Please email  for details.

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Baby Dedication

Worship Center also offers baby dedication several times throughout the year for parents who wish to dedicate their children to the Lord.