A great place to work

We are currently receiving applications for the following open positions:

Facility Services

Two part time positions. One is 24 hours per week, evenings and weekends, hours vary. Second position is 16 to 18 hour per week, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, plus Saturdays and Sundays. This is a fast paced department responsible for all room set-up, tear-down, and cleaning. 


  • Education: High school diploma or GED required.
  • Experience: Knowledge of general cleaning techniques and basic equipment.
  • Specific Abilities: Personable, detail and service oriented and self-motivated. Ability to read and carry out written and oral instructions and perform basic math functions. Able to work well under pressure and time constraints.

  1. Vacuum, mop, dust, clean bathrooms, and collect trash throughout the building.
  2. Wash and polish as needed: windows, doors, baseboards, door frames, light switches, handrails, water fountains, doorknobs, and other areas as designated.
  3. Room Set Up & Tear Down: Responsible for setting up tables, chairs and other equipment required in advance of meetings; and clean-up and tear down following meetings and events.
  4. Climate Control: Will be responsible for appropriate climate control for all church services, meetings and events in order to ensure comfort of guests
  5. Interior & Exterior Lighting: Ensure appropriate lights are turned on for services and meetings and turned off at the conclusion of church services or events. This includes all common areas.
  6. Stock and maintain cleaning supplies throughout the buildings.
  7. Attend regular staff meetings and additional meetings when requested.
  8. Cooperate with the events supervisors and the facilities manager and assistant manager by performing any other duties when asked to do so.

  1. This is a fast-paced, high-energy position. Must be able to be on feet for entire shift. A typical shift can involve walking approximately 5 miles.
  2. Must be able to carry 30lbs or more.
  3. Must be able to squat and lift 50lbs or more.
  4. Must be able to push or pull 50lbs or more.
  5. Must be able to transport tables, chairs and other furniture throughout the building in a timely manner.
  6. Must be able to bend over for long periods of times. Must be able to climb up and down ladders.
  7. Must be able to clean up bodily fluids (blood, urine, feces, vomit).
  8. Must have the ability to pay close attention to detail; good near and far vision is important.
  9. Must be able to perform repetitive movements without cramping or tiring.
  10. Must be able to work with commercial cleaning products.


Lighting/Stage Design Associate

Hourly position, flexible hours Sunday through Thursdays. Includes some nights and weekends, and will average about 32 hours/week.

  • Education: High school graduate or equivalent. Degree or equivalent work experience in the field of theatrical lighting design.
  • Experience: Theatrical/Concert lighting experience required. Set design/construction experience required. Experience with console programming and operation, DMX (ART-NET,/Streaming ACN), and Vectorworks or CADD software. Basic audio and video knowledge/experience preferred. Comfortable running lifts and working in catwalk (not afraid of heights). License/Certification: Valid PA driver’s license.
  • Specific Abilities: Ability to function independently. Good time management. Utilize good judgment and problem-solving skills; good technical and multitasking skills; a self-starter/self-motivator; is eager to learn and grow; is dependable, a quick learner, and is detailed; possesses good team-leadership and project management skills. Be able to lift heavier weight. A self-motivator who recognizes what’s needed and does what’s necessary to facilitate it. Possesses a genuine heart and interest in helping communicate God’s heart through lighting and stage design.
  1. Receives direction from the Lighting/Stage Design Lead in the design process during the creation and implementation of aesthetically pleasing environments that align with the Worship Center
  2. Coordinates and implement multiple stage designs and set changes for various ministries throughout the year and prepare for needed changes from week to week
  3. Collaborates with the Production Director and Lighting/Stage Design Lead to develop and maintain the annual stage/lighting
  4. Recruits and trains qualified volunteers to provide coverage for running lights during services and special events as needed and prepare and implement a team schedule
  5. Serves as light board operator a minimum of two Sundays each month
  6. Ensures that all platform spaces and gear are clean and in order (sweeping, mopping, and painting regularly) and that all stage elements, props, furniture, etc. are on stage and in place for services
  7. Completes projects and perform other duties as assigned


Café Worker

Part time, 28 hours weekly with varied days and hours between 9am-7:30pm; minimum of every other Sunday is required, with occasional Saturdays for events.

  1. Education: Minimum High School graduate.
  2. Experience: Previous hospitality, cashier, or food service experience in a food service area.
  3. License/Certification: n/a
  4. Specific Abilities: Skill in working as part of a team. Excellent communication and interactive skills as they relate to people of all ages. Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Operate a touch screen computer terminal in high volume setting. Working knowledge of math and cash handling.
  1. Consistent and excellent customer service at check-out/order counter.
  2. Setup beverage service area prior to opening.
  3. Set up food prep area with proper utensils, dishes and gloves for serving.
  4. Maintain dining area cleanliness according to safe serve practices throughout shift.
  5. Assist in preparing and production of all food items as needed.
  6. Clean and sanitize station throughout shift.
  7. Periodically restock grab-n-go cooler with food and beverage items.
  8. Work as a team member with kitchen personnel.
  9. Willingness to shift roles as dictated by customer traffic flow/demands.