Support and Recovery

On a path toward regaining a life of purpose

Life’s storms can blow you off course, and when it does, your sense of purpose can be shaken, as well. Worship Center’s mission is to lead people to a growing relationship with Jesus and help them find their purpose in Him. Our groups will help you experience stability through the warmth of others who understand while challenging you on a path toward regaining a life of purpose.

Personal Freedom


Journey to Freedom

Though our victory lies in Christ, this is not always our experience. We all hit that wall of obstacles, barriers, and ruts that can keep us from being all that Christ created us to be. In this 9-week group, you will discover your identity in Christ as you release those things that distort God's truths we desperately need. Your journey to freedom can start here! Gary and Kathy Nolt's team will lead this healing group. Journey to Freedom starts Tuesday, April 10th at 6:30 p.m. in the Heritage Room.


Classes de Sanitad Interior

An inner-healing support and recovery group similar to Journey to Freedom presented in Spanish. This group will run for 10 weeks offering a process by which people can be set free from their habits, wounds, and chronic struggles through the power of the Holy Spirit. Come experience freedom from the inside out with this vibrant group of Christ-followers. This group will be lead by Miguelina Terrero in one of Worship Center's Season Rooms starting April 11th at 6:30 p.m.


Confronting Anxiety

Anita Southam's passion to lead those who experience anxiety to freedom is very personal, as she struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for several years. During that time, she didn’t really know what it was or how to stop it. Every day she was living in constant fear.



Addiction of any kind often causes inner turmoil and can most times negatively impact the ones closest to you. Worship Center offers support for certain addictive behaviors.


Support in Grief 


GriefShare (Fall and Winter)

A loss is an aspect of life everyone encounters, but one we don’t often know how to handle. This was the case for me after experiencing a series of losses of several people close to me. Finding my way toward healing was filled with sorrow and isolation until I sought what God had for me in the pain.


Widow to Widow

Widow to Widow, led by Elaine Severein, is a group that offers comfort, support, and encouragement to women who have lost their husbands. Widow to Widow meets the second Saturday of every month  at 10am in the Legacy Room.

One-On-One Confidential


Domestic Abuse

Since her 20s, Lena Arborgast was aware of God’s call on her life to be a support and encouragement to wives and mothers in very practical ways. Lena explains how this has come to pass in ways she could not have foreseen.