From addiction to freedom: Ruby shares her story

Chelsea Mosher   -  

“I was four days clean from drug and alcohol abuse when my friend picked me up for church services at Worship Center one September morning. My life was forever changed that day when I received Jesus as my Savior. Hallelujah!

A new-found friend approached me in the lobby at Worship Center and invited me to a care group. I said, “yes,” and this wonderful person picked me up and brought me into my first care group experience. This quickly became my faith family where I would grow in my faith, share joys and concerns, and experience being accepted in the family of the beloved.

Worship Center offered Support & Recovery Groups to address specific life challenges. A substance abuse group was my introduction to faith-based recovery. I had no aspirations, nor did I think I could lead a Small Group. However, having been loved, cared for, supported, and encouraged in small groups, I took the plunge to give back years ago.

I now lead Step To Freedom, a Support & Recovery Group at Worship Center. Step to Freedom is for those wanting freedom from substance abuse. I greatly enjoy being there with others as they look to God as their source of strength and hope. Small Group life continues to bless and enhance my life today. Long ago I learned here at Worship Center we are blessed to be a blessing!”