Hey! Welcome to my staff bio page. I strategize how Worship Center will use digital tools to help reach people with the good news of Jesus. I’m really in to problem solving and organizing processes to make our lives more efficient. One of my favorite things about working for the local church is that there is multi-dimensional growth happening all the time – personally, professionally, and spiritually.

I’m married to my amazing, kind, and caring wife, Shelby. I would eat pizza for every meal of every day, which is definitely not an indication of how well Shelby cooks. I’m always fully immersed and all-in with my hobbies. I play drums for our worship team and I will talk your ear off (and lament) about sports and my favorite teams — Sixers, Eagles, Orioles, Phillies, Penn State football and anything golf-related. I have an ever-growing sneaker collection and I love to start my day with a really good cup of coffee.