Eight Types of Care Needs Group Leaders May See

Eric Scott   -  

Needs come up in Groups. They could be personal needs from our everyday lives, or weights we carry for the people in our circles. As a Group Leader, it can be difficult to know what to do. Here are eight types of needs, and what you can do as a Group Leader!

First off – Discern the nature of the need: simple listening, the need for professional Christian counseling, marital problems, abuse, suicide, health issues, a work-related disruption, or a financial crisis. Of course, there are other needs, but these are some of the top ones.

  1. Processing – Sometimes, people just need someone to listen to them, someone to talk to, especially if they are single and do not have a spouse to share with.
  2. Professional Christian Counseling – Mental health struggles are at a high point right now. Deferring someone to counseling is a wise thing to do when you know you are out of your depths. If a person needs some help with counseling costs, the church may be able to help offset those costs. We have a counseling center here called Upward Call.
  3. Marital Problems – Again, listen but be careful. There are always two sides to a story. Becoming biased in the situation is not helpful. Direct them to counsel if you know you are out o your depths.
  4. Abuse – as a Leader, you are a mandated reporter. Therefore, if you deeply suspect abuse happening in the home, you need to report this to Child Protective Services. Elder abuse is on the rise as well. This should be reported as well. Check your Volunteer Care Guide and call the church so you can walk though this together.
  5. Suicide – If someone is suggesting suicide, stay with them and call Crisis Intervention: (717) 394-2631.
  6. Health Issues – Pray for them, encourage them to get help if they have not already, and ask them to let the Hospital know where they attend church if they will be staying overnight.
  7. Work– related Disruption – Listen, pray with them, and listen. Refrain from advising unless specifically asked.
  8. Financial Crisis – Have them contact me at erics@worshipcenter.org. We have Financial Coaches who can help them assess their situation, and there is the possibility of benevolence.

Being present with a person and indicating your concern is key to caring. You can do this!