C – Consider: 3rd Step in The RECAP Model

Cindy Scott   -  

You don’t know what you don’t know. Consider is the part of our Group where we share and learn from each other.

Discussion leads to Discovery,

Discovery highlights Decisions,

Decisions determine Destiny.

Discussion is where we can hear from each other. Our Group questions usually include about 4 questions and there is not enough time to go through all of them. That’s why the prompt in this area says, “Choose one or two questions to discuss in your Group”.

As a Leader, you can choose the question(s), you can delegate the choice, or on occasion even let everyone choose their own question. The significance of this section is that we are digging into the topic at an application level. “What?” is the focus of the E-Explore section of our RECAP format, and “So What?” is the primary value here.

Together we think about how this topic is addressed, or not addressed in our culture. We discuss the normal responses to this topic in the world and how people of God can respond differently. “So What?” answers the question about what makes this focus valuable.

Good questions offer opportunities to discover how others approach topics in their everyday life. (See the blog, “Why Use Questions To Help People Grow?“).

As Leaders, it is our job to guide the discussion toward discovery and set the Group up well for decisions that will determine destinies. This is the focus of the A-Activate portion of our Group coming up next.

Enjoy the journey. A good conversation is like a good game of catch where everyone gets a turn to play.