New Believer Devotional – Part 5 – Where do I fit in God’s Family?

Eric Scott   -  

Every person is born with a need to belong. The first place that happens is in our family. Every child longs to know they have a place in their family, and that they matter. They start out by receiving everything — food, clothing, comfort — and then as they grow, they become less dependent and are given more freedom and responsibilities. The same is true for believers in the family of God.

We also know people who connect with others in their community grow . While staying connected to Jesus is so important to our personal growth, it doesn’t stop there. We were created to live in communities with others. Our relationships with others are vital to our growth. It’s in those relationships where we get to practice and apply all that we are learning in our time spent with Jesus.

An important way to stay connected is through a local church. Most of us live in communities with several different churches, and it may be hard to know how to find a good fit. Finding a church can feel a lot like dating — sometimes it gets weird, and sometimes it goes better than you thought it would. It may take several attempts to find a church that’s a great fit.

While no church is perfect, here are some things to consider when looking for a healthy local church:

  1. Does the church base its teaching and practices on the Bible?
  2. Is there evidence of unity in the church?
  3. Do you see and experience the love they have for each another?
  4. Is God glorified as the King of kings the Bible declares him to be?

If you’re looking for a church, there is a place for you here at Worship Center. We are passionate about helping you grow in your relationship with Jesus and helping you find your purpose in him. One of the best ways to get connected is by attending Count Me In. This three-part class will help you learn more about the heart and mission of Worship Center, small groups, and serving opportunities. It’s a great way to meet other new people who want to be a part of the Worship Center family. If you’re interested in attending Count Me In, click here to see the upcoming class schedule.

Whether it’s Worship Center or another somewhere else, our prayer is that you would find a place to call your church home and get connected.

Jesus is the hope of the world, and we — flawed people who are pursuing Jesus — want to take that hope and give it out to as many people as we can. We believe that it takes an encounter with Jesus to change a person’s life — you’ve just experienced that! And our prayer is that every person on earth would get to experience what you have.