joining a team

 God has called every believer to the work of the ministry. The Church is designed like the human body, with every part necessary for the body to function properly. God made each of us with unique abilities so that, together, we become the full expression of Jesus Christ.

'Ministry' is using whatever God has given you to serve Him and the needs of others. There are many opportunities to serve, whether in this church or around the world.

A Great Place to Serve

When serving in a local church, you get to experience interactions and conversations with people just like you and with those who aren't. That's when the fun really happens! And at Worship Center, you will welcome, connect with, and serve people from all walks of life, in various stages of life, from many cultures, countries, and ethnicities. It's a great place to serve!


Small Groups

Group leaders and assistant leaders play a crucial role in how we grow together at Worship Center.



There are opportunities here for musicians and vocalists.


Have You been to "Count Me In?"

The first step in serving at Worship Center is to complete the three-part Count Me In class.