I was born and raised in Lancaster County to loving parents as the middle son between two brothers. I was baptized as an infant at Ascension Lutheran Church where I attended into adulthood. After getting married in 1995, my wife and I became members of Mountville Mennonite Church.

After graduating from Conestoga Valley High School, I attended Penn State where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Most of my professional career has been in an engineering-related position working in the manufacturing industry.

Starting in January of 2010, I began dealing with several huge life changes. My job of 12-1/2 years was eliminated, leaving me unemployed. My wife and I separated, then divorced. My alcoholism began to run my life, leading to my termination from two more engineering jobs. Before my alcoholism could take anything more away from me, including my relationships, my freedom, and my life, I finally turned to God begging for His forgiveness and for His power to overcome this illness. Since then, He has continued to do miracles in my life. Since my sobriety date of 6/18/2020, my relationship with God through Jesus Christ has blossomed beautifully. Through regular prayer, meditation, bible study, and strong fellowship, my life has been reborn.

While looking for a new church about 10 years ago, I found Worship Center after visiting only one other church. I had found my new home. I have been in a long-term loving relationship my life partner, Kristin “Kris”, and her family who have stuck by me through the worst of my illness and the best of my recovery. I have a heart for service and look forward to growing my faith through a position here at Worship Center. My life is starting over with a refreshed love for my God, my family, and serving others. I also enjoy motorcycling, home and auto repairs, helping others, and spending time with my family.