Is God Really Good? – Week 2

Did you know Worship Center has 31 Global Partners reaching into approximately 100 countries around the world?

Did you know you can get to know our Worship Center Global Partners at

Did you know Worship Center has three areas of local focus?

Ÿ- Care for refugees

Ÿ- Helping those in need

Ÿ- Mentorship programs

Did you know you can learn more about our Local Outreach initiatives at

Did you know each of these initiatives offers a connection where you can sign up  to learn more whenever an opportunity for involvement is offered? Consider joining in today!

To hear all the stories of Global and Local outreach, follow us on Facebook and Instagram groups by using @worshipcenteroutreach.

Where your faith intersects with real life!

Each person shares a recent high and low from their life.


Use the following questions to explore what God may be saying to you through this message.

Big Idea:

God asks each of us to follow His Call and overcome any obstacles or mindsets which might derail us.

Choose one or two questions for your group to discuss as time allows.

▶ Is there a particular Global Partner, from Sunday’s service, or from the Worship Center Global Partner’s page that is of special interest to you? What makes them stand out?

▶ Have you ever been on a mission trip?

– If so, share your story – where did you go and what did you do? How did the trip open your eyes?

– If not, would you consider going? What would you like to do? Where would you like to go?

▶ Which of the 3 Worship Center Local Outreach initiatives most calls to your heart? (If you aren’t sure what they are, you can look them up online at


Spend a moment in silence to consider your response, then share your decision with the group.

There are three ways to partner in Local and Global Outreach: pray, give, and go. Ask God if there is one, or more, ways He would have as an active next step for you to get involved.


Thank God for the highs shared and lift up the lows.

Pray for God’s heart of love and mercy for those close and far away.

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