Being a leader may be simpler than you think! Whether you are a small group leader or a parent, an executive or a neighbor, there are people watching you. Coaching Culture debunks the myth that you need to have all the answers in order to impact those around you. Join us for this nine-week class that will give you the tools you need to ask powerful questions and help people connect with God and his plan for their life. This group will begin the week of September 11, 2022.

We have 3 different options for you this season!

1. Onsite – here at the church Tuesday nights at 6pm

2. Online – on Zoom over lunch on Wednesdays (12-1pm), in a Lunch & Learn format where you watch the videos on your own and then discuss them

3. On Demand – go through the videos with a partner doing the prompted journaling and discussion at your own convenience within a 3 month period.

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