Week of Hope

July 28 - August 2

Join us for our summer mission trip we’re calling Week of Hope! 

Week of Hope is a community service mission trip to the small city of Newark, New York. Students will get the opportunity to come alongside seasoned local ministries and nonprofits to make a lasting difference through meaningful community service. You will have opportunity to learn Christ-like empathy and compassion for others as we meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of disadvantaged children, youth, and adults.

Each service project is the result of a partnership we build with organizations, ministries, and individuals who live, work, and serve in each community. Projects might include providing meals to the homeless, tutoring struggling children from low-income families, helping to lead a day camp for kids, working with disabled children, or sharing stories with a lonely elderly person in an assisted-living facility. Our hope is that you walk away knowing more about what our partners do year-round, and your role in the big picture.

The fun doesn’t stop after your day of service. The party continues once we return to our home base with themed days, movie nights, lip-sync battles, group games, and much more!


The cost for Week of Hope is $350.00

The price includes six nights and seven days of lodging, meals, & transportation. To secure a spot, we require a deposit of $150.00

We don’t want the cost of this trip to hinder someone from attending, please apply for financial aid below.


What does a typical day look like?
6:30 a.m // Breakfast crew begins
6:45 a.m // Breakfast. Gather tools. Fill water jugs. Pack coolers with lunches
7:00 a.m // Breakfast and pack lunches
8:45 a.m // Serve at project sites. Lunch and crew devotions
3:30 p.m // Return to lodging facility.
5:00 p.m // Dinner crew begins
5:30 p.m // Dinner gathering
6:30 p.m // Hospitality tasks
7:00 p.m // Evening program team practice
8:00 p.m // Evening program. Youth group devotions
10:30 p.m // Bedtime stories (optional)
11:00 p.m // Lights-out

Where do we sleep?
We will sleep on the ground at a local church in Newark, NY. Participants will need to bring twin-size air mattresses, pillows, & sleeping bags or other bedding.

Girls and Boys sleeping areas will be separate.