How the Fight of Faith Helps You Win the Battle in Your Mind
Matt Mylin   -  

 In this message based on Hebrews 3, Pastor Matt delves into the profound battle that rages within our minds—the battle between faith and circumstances. Just like the Israelites faced challenges on their journey from slavery to the Promised Land, we too encounter moments of doubt and fear. But the real fight isn’t on the battlefield; it’s in our minds.

Drawing from Scripture, we explore how to win this internal battle by choosing to believe God’s promises over what our eyes may see. We’ll learn the art of reframing our situations through the lens of Scripture, transforming our perspective from “why me?” to “what now?” As we embrace a mindset rooted in faith, we discover the power of God’s unconditional love and the ability to fulfill our purpose in any circumstance.
The ultimate victory is not about achieving our preferred outcomes but remaining faithful, steady, and reliable in our allegiance to God.

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