God Speaks a Better Word: Embracing the Power of His Word
Matt Mylin   -  

Every day, we receive reports that shape our outlook on life—news, weather, financial updates, and personal evaluations. These reports can deeply affect us, leading to doubts and questioning our faith. But here’s the key: the power of those reports only exists when we choose to believe them.
Join us as we explore the book of Hebrews, a letter written to those facing adversity and uncertainty. The writer assures us that God speaks a better word, a word that sustains, defends, and propels all things by His mighty command.
Jesus is that better Word. Through Jesus, we find strength, purpose, and hope. His word sustains us, upholds us, and defends us when we’re wronged. It stands the test of time, removing temporary distractions to reveal the unshakable essentials of His kingdom.
So, whose report will you believe? Choose to trust God’s Word over your circumstances, and watch your life transform. Let His words sustain you, defend you, and propel you toward your divine purpose.

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