Finding Inner Calm in the Wilderness: God’s Rest through Faith in Jesus
Matt Mylin   -  

In this message based on Hebrews 3 and 4, Pastor Matt talks about how we can experience God’s rest when facing seasons of waiting. The wilderness refined and tested the Israelites’ faith, and they grew weary, impatient, and doubted God’s promises as they wandered through the wilderness with no Promised Land in sight. Like the Israelites, we face seasons of waiting that refine and test our faith, and it can be tempting to grow weary and impatient. In this message, Pastor Matt reminds us that no matter what we might be waiting on, every day of our lives, God is using to slowly shape us into the individuals he created us to be. And when our waiting feels like there is no end, we can find rest that strengthens us through our faith in Jesus.


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