Emotional Triggers: How God’s Truth Helps Us Heal

Have you ever been triggered by something someone said or did to you? The saying, “I’m triggered,” is a prevalent phrase used in our culture today. A “trigger” is any word, action, thought, interaction, or experience that elicits or provokes an overwhelming negative emotional response. The world says, “If something triggers you, cut it out of your life.” But what if our triggers are actually a sign that God wants to heal some area of our life?

With Jesus, there is a greater hope amidst the past pain and traumas we have experienced. What if our triggers are an invitation from God to take us deeper into the waters of healing? God wants to break us free from our bondage! Tune in for a powerful message from Licensed Professional Counselor, Debra Fileta, to be encouraged and challenged to find emotional healing in your life.

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