Bold Faith: How God Gives You Courage in a Culture of Compromise
Alison Lewis   -  

At a time in Israel’s history when cultural norms raged against God, Elijah stood out as a bold proclaimer of truth. Elijah’s life was defined by boldness, prayer, and purpose. In this message, Pastor Alison explores the story of Baal vs. God. Who will win? Elijah tells the Israelites to pick a side — Baal or God.

A life of faith requires a life of boldness. But being bold in front of an opposing crowd is rarely easy. Elijah shows bold humility and, in the end, his God wins. We, too, must pick a side. Is our allegiance with the things of this world or God? Three things helps us stand firm in our allegiance to God: purpose, boldness, and prayer.

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