Leadership at Worship Center

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Our leadership at Worship Center is made up of our Board of Directors and Lead Team. Our Board of Directors is the congregation’s official representative and policy-making board. Board member qualifications are those of an elder (1 Tim. 3:1-7).

In addition to their normal responsibilities, our Lead Team meets once a week to ensure that Worship Center continues to accomplish its mission, which is to lead people to be growing followers of Jesus who love God and love people.

The Lead Team is responsible for three primary areas of Worship Center:

Ministry: The Lead Team is responsible for building a team that effectively reaches, shepherds, and disciples people of all ages.

Operations: The Lead Team is responsible for being good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us for effective and sustainable ministry.

Long-term Vision: The Lead Team is responsible to discern, clarify, and leverage resources toward a long-term vision for our local church.

As a church, we’re committed to seeking the direction of the Holy Spirit as we work to build up the Body of believers to maturity in Christ (Ephesians 4:15). The Lead Team is dedicated to being fully engaged in the life of our church as we seek God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will (Romans 12:2).

Lead Team Members


Matt Mylin

Matt Mylin is the Lead Pastor of Worship Center. Previously, he served as the worship pastor for almost ten years until transitioning to lead pastor in 2017. He has studied Christian Ministry Leadership through Moody Bible Institute. Matt and his wife, Kelly, love God and the local church and deeply desire to see many people come to have a relationship with Jesus and find their purpose in Him. Matt provides overall leadership for our Lead Team and also oversees the leaders for our Worship Team and Global and Local Outreach Team.

Don Neff

Don Neff is the Executive Pastor at Worship Center, serving on staff since 1984. Don oversees the daily administration of the business and ministry functions, working to help provide leadership to the ministry and staff. He leads the team members who oversee the areas of Finance, Hospitality, Maintenance, Human Resources, Connections, and Marriage and Family ministry.

Cindy Scott

Cindy Scott is Worship Center’s Ministry Implementation Coach. In 2017, Cindy and her husband, Eric, moved to Lancaster to work on staff at Worship Center after spending many years in ministry, coaching, and higher education. Cindy works closely with the rest of the Lead Team to develop the structure that supports Worship Center’s strategy, while overseeing the Kids Ministry Team and Groups Team. Cindy also coaches Ministry Leaders in implementing Worship Center’s mission to lead people to be growing followers of Jesus who love God and love people.

Colin Davis

Colin Davis serves as Worship Center’s Hospitality Pastor. Colin leads a large team of Hospitality volunteers who work hard to ensure that every person who walks through Worship Center’s doors feels welcome and experiences the love of Jesus. Colin also leads the teams that oversee Worship Center’s facilities and Main Street Café.

Dustin Leed

Dustin Leed is the Digital Ministry Pastor at Worship Center. After spending a decade in the media and publishing industry, he now provides pastoral oversight to the digital ministry at Worship Center. The Digital and Communications Ministry team ensures that Worship Center’s digital outreach through communications and content brings the love of Jesus into the homes and lives of people who encounter Worship Center online. Additionally, he serves as a team leader for those who oversee the Worship Center’s Young Adults Ministry, The Living Room.

Heather Bivins

Heather Bivins serves as Worship Center’s Connections Pastor and HR Coordinator. She desires that anyone who calls Worship Center their home church (onsite, online, or on staff) would be connected and cared for. Heather oversees Count Me In, Worship Center’s membership class, and provides leadership for the Student Ministry team and our Care and Support ministry.