Security and Safety at Worship Center

Colin Davis   -  
The Importance of Safety at Worship Center

It’s no secret that church violence is an on-going concern for many people in our country and in the world. When you come to Worship Center, we want you to have complete faith, confidence, and peace of mind knowing that we take your safety very seriously.

Below are some of the ways Worship Center is actively fostering a safe and secure church environment for all:

Every Sunday and throughout the week, there is a blend of paid security with law enforcement backgrounds / training and a team of volunteers. 

There is also a medical team on staff made up of individuals with extensive medical backgrounds and experience.

Worship Center is also very regimented with our kids’ environment and how we manage the safety of kids and students. Additionally, each Kids and Student Ministry volunteer completes a thorough background check before serving.

There are multiple security cameras covering our parking lots and our entire building.

How Can I Help?

Here at Worship Center, we want to encourage everyone to speak up when you see something unusual. A rule of thumb to remember is: “If you see something, say something”.

Our onsite team is also very approachable, open to interact/dialogue, and are always here to help you out! Seriously, don’t be shy – even if your car battery is dead, we have someone for the job! Look for volunteers or staff with shirts, badges, or name tags that show who they are and the team they serve on. We’re always happy to help!