Global Partner Update: Michael & Becca Esh

William Torres Sr.   -  

Michael Esh has been a Worship Center Global Partner for eight years. Michael and his wife Becca have been working with For One Life, an organization that works in India to engage young people by providing jobs, skills training, and personal development opportunities.

For One Life Ministries focuses on community development projects that will benefit the local community while providing opportunities to build relationships with young people. For One Life also partners with schools and children’s homes in India to support building projects, food, and other needs.

Recently, Michael took over his family business and he is now working full-time here in Lancaster. Michael expressed that he is no longer involved on a day-to-day basis with For One Life Ministries in India and will focus on his family business while still staying connected to the ministry.

We will end our Global Partner relationship with Michael Esh and Becca Esh at the end of May 2023. It has been an absolute joy to partner with Michael and Becca.  We are grateful for the years they served and wish them the very best for this next step in their journey.