5 Local Organizations You Can Serve With in Lancaster County

Chelsea Mosher   -  

Looking for ways to get involved with the Lancaster community? These five organizations are doing a great job reaching their neighbors and making a difference. Check them out to find ways to serve your community.

1. Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services (CVCCS) – CVCCS provides food, clothing, mentoring, and ministry in the name of Jesus Christ for our struggling neighbors to sustainably improve their standard of living. They fulfill this mission with integrity and credibility while protecting the dignity of those we serve without discrimination. Click here to find out how to serve with CVCCS.

2. Good Samaritan – Good Samaritan Services gives immediate help to people who are experiencing homelessness, and helps those at risk of becoming homeless, by restoring their lives to stability. Good Sam desires to play a leading role in our community in ending and preventing homelessness. Click here to find out how to serve with Good Samaritan.

3. Revelations of Freedom Ministries – The mission of Revelations of Freedom Ministries is to lead men in recovery toward lifelong freedom through life skills education, relationship restoration, and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Click here to find out how you can serve with Revelations of Freedom Ministries.

4. Water Street Mission – Water Street Mission’s purpose is to advance the kingdom of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ and to do missionary, relief, and rescue work of all kinds. Their vision is to create healing communities where lives are transformed. Click here to find out how you can serve with Water Street Mission.

5. Lancaster County Prison – Our goal for partnering with Lancaster County Prison is to bring hope and restoration to those within our community’s criminal justice system. Click here to email our Global and Local Outreach Office and find out how you can serve those at Lancaster County Prison.