R – Reconnect: 1st Step in The RECAP Model

Cindy Scott   -  

Reconnect is such a valuable way to start your meetings. Reconnecting is important for humans, and we are all human! Some of us find it easier to jump straight into business, but being human together IS the business of doing life together in our Groups!

To Reconnect in our Groups, each person shares a high and low. Highs are something wonderful that happened recently. We can enjoy celebrating with each other in the highs of life. I remember moving to a new state about a month before a decade birthday. It felt odd to share that with others since they barely knew me. If I were in a Group at the time, it would’ve been natural to share and be celebrated. It’s kind of the same with work accomplishments or family milestones. Having people who care about your highs is so valuable.

Some people find it more difficult to consider what is a high in their life. It can be so valuable for them to take time to consider their blessings! When we have to consider coming up with a high, it builds our gratefulness perspective. Often when choosing my one high, I am so blessed to realize that I am so blessed! (I might not have taken time to consider that as thoroughly without having to share a high).

On the other hand, some people only want to share highs. Sharing our lows is valuable too. When we share the more difficult parts of our life, we share the burden of carrying hard things as others come around us in prayer and care. Being vulnerable is not always easy. Sometimes we would rather share only good things and appear like we have no needs. We are all human though; we all have stuff in our lives. Being willing to share our real everyday lives with each other is how we can receive affirmation and support, maybe even a challenge to grow.

Pro Tips:

  • The Leader usually sets the depth of vulnerability. If the Leader shares a shallow low, the Group is less likely to share real needs. Sharing vulnerably can be stretching, but it makes the Group more real and more vulnerable to walking out our faith in our every day lives.
  • Have the Leader go first. This models about how long each person should share.

Have fun with this opening of your group gathering! For some meetings, this could be the most significant part!