E – Explore: 2nd Step in The RECAP Model

Cindy Scott   -  

The second part of the RECAP model is Explore. This is where we do a quick overview of what we are going to be talking about. It’s the focus of our conversation. Just like when we get into an Uber, we tell the driver where we want to go. In this quick portion of the meeting, we clarify what we are talking about.

For message-based Groups, this is where we have a quick overview of the message that we are focusing on. For other Groups, this would be a short teaching or a review of the video watched before the meeting, or the chapters read in the book.

Having a focus and staying on focus is important, but bunny trails can happen. Going on a tangent topic can sometimes be good if it is a divine direction, but rabbit holes are a problem.* As a Leader, it’s your job to discern if a tangent topic needs discussion in the moment or if the tangent topic is just a place for ranting or avoiding where the focus needs to be.  Being aware of personal “soap box” topics that could highjack your meetings is important. It’s easy for me personally to highjack any meeting with a discussion about personality types, but not all topics should move in that direction.

This is the “What?” part of the meeting. In other portions, we will push out the topic to “So What?” (how does this topic affect our society), and then “Now What?” (what is the response God is offering to me personally?).

The Explore part of the RECAP model is not supposed to be a re-teaching of the topic. It’s not a moment to add anything extra to the teaching, or for you or others to share more verses or additional Biblical truth. It is simply a touch point for what we are focusing on in the meeting.

Be careful not to “Sunday Drive” in your Group. Stick to the focus so you can get to the “So What?” and “Now What?” questions.

*See video and blog specifically on bunny trails and rabbit holes.