Top 10 Myths about Groups at Worship Center — Do You Know the Truth?

Cindy Scott   -  

If you have been around Worship Center for any length of time you have certainly heard about groups, but do you know the truth about groups?

Here are ten myths about groups, an announcement and some bonus information as well!

Myth: Groups are mostly for new people.

Truth: Groups are for all people. Jesus drew people to himself and interacted with them. It wasn’t enough for him to share kingdom teaching, he walked with a small group doing life together.

Myth: Groups are for people who don’t have close friends or family that are believers.

Truth: Intentional Biblical Community is more than just having people you can talk freely with about your faith. Nothing really compares with investing in a set aside time with a well thought out format. This insures actual spiritual connection rather than just being open to it if it happens.

Myth: It’s just not a good time for me to be in a group right now.

Truth: Group isn’t always convenient, but it is always important. If you wait for a time when you are less busy, you may not be in a group till you retire (and maybe not even then).

Myth: We’re busy with our kids right now, we’ll do group when they are older or out of the house.

Truth: It is so important for you to do group when you have kids in your home. If you want them to prioritize their faith when they are older, it’s important for you to model that to them now — plus the support and encouragement in this season is so valuable!

Myth: I’m not sure I can take on meeting new people and inviting them into my life.

Truth: Groups do not need to be made up of strangers gathering together. The Build-A-Group option includes putting together a circle of people of your choosing. Everyone needs a group – not just the new people, so it is perfectly fine to consider who you would like to be in a group with and see if they feel the same way.*

Myth: Groups don’t really get into what I want to talk about.

Truth: Our groups at Worship Center are message-based and built around discussion of the sermon topic. They are all relevant to real life because the conversation is led in the direction of the people who are meeting together as they process what is on their hearts with the group.

Myth: If I’m in a group, I can’t study what I really want to study.

Truth: Since our groups are message-based they require very little preparation; in fact, some people come and simply discuss on the fly. With this practice, you are free to study anything of interest to you as there is not required homework. Likely, what you are reading, listening to, or studying will spill over into the group and add value (Keep in mind, groups are for discussion not an alternative teaching time – from the leader or a member).

Myth: There is not a group with the descriptors I want to have in a group.

Truth: We have lots of options available for group preferences—

– Day of week and time

– Location

– Men’s, Women’s, or Mixed Groups

– Age- or stage-focused or Intergenerational

– Singles, Couples or Mixed

– Live or online or even a hybrid

There is a simple fix, and a possible option, for the person who wants a group with specifics they can’t find on our Groups page.

The simple fix is they can launch their own group exactly when and how they want it to be. Since our groups are led by discussion facilitators, we can train most people to lead a group.

The possible option is for someone who doesn’t feel ready to lead since there are other responsibilities than simply facilitating discussion as leaders shepherd their groups, you can also let us know what you are looking for and we can post it as a Potential Group. This concept is a new initiative we are trying. They are kind of an “Under- Construction” Group. We can’t guarantee a leader will step up and launch the group, but we want to do everything in our power to try to connect you in a group!

Myth: There are no groups that have childcare open.

Truth: Monday night is family night! There’s something for everyone there. If you need childcare, you are welcome to join in one of our family-focused groups that meet Monday nights in the building and they all offer childcare – choose from The Art of Parenting, re|engage (a marriage-focused group), Financial Peace University, and more!

There are also Community Groups that include childcare – keep checking the groupfinder for updated info.

Myth: I already volunteer, isn’t that enough?

Truth: We love that you volunteer. We literally couldn’t do church without the team of volunteers that step up each week. However, serving is different than growing together. That’s one reason we say: Know Jesus, Grow Together, and Serve Our World. Don’t let this myth keep you from the support and connections you could have in a small group.

Myth: The message-based groups format just isn’t what I was looking for; I want more Bible study.

Truth: While Scripture is included in all group discussion questions, Group is probably not the primary place people should be studying the Bible. If you are feeling like you need more Bible study, the Holy Spirit is likely drawing you to build on your personal devotional habits, which will in turn, enhance the group experience (We recommend the Bible Project as a great way to learn more about God’s Word and engage personally).

So, there you have it! Ten myths that keep people from seeing the truth about groups. Our Groups signups season launches in early September and late January every year, with some groups that are open to joiners throughout the year.

Join in today!

*If you do build-a-group, please do let the Groups Department know! We want to provide resources and support you in many ways!