3 Questions for Groups

Cindy Scott   -  

A couple years ago, Pastor Matt’s word for Worship Center was “Intentional.” Ask God intentionally about your Group, “What is the word of the Lord for the season you are in?”

Like most parts of life, Groups have a season too. Sometimes Groups stay together for decades and are alive and impactful. But sometimes Groups that aren’t healthy stick together for years just because they don’t want to change anything or upset anyone. But what if?

What if your Group needs to make a change? How would you know? Have you ever asked?

Every good Group needs to ask some hard questions. Please set aside a little time for your Group to talk about the following questions. And please pray before the meeting about your own responses.

You may need to pose the questions one week and ask people to come back with their thoughts next week. No one wants to offend others with their answers, but let’s remember that God is big and what is right is right for all — maybe not easy, but God will use it for good for each person.

1. Should we multiply?

— Our Leader moves to another Group.

— We divide and add on to each part.

— One or more of us move on to start a Group.


2. Does anyone want to move on to another existing group?


3. Does our time, day, or location need to change?


Please email any changes you decide to make to your Team Leader.

Whether the next step in your Small Group journey is a change or you feel you need to hold steady, we are praying for you and your group to enjoy the adventure God has for you, connecting God’s next with your Now!

Enjoy the journey!