How You Can Disciple The Next Generation

Cindy Scott   -  

My brother-in-law John worked with quality control in the field of unmanned missiles. Okay, so he’s not quite a rocket scientist, but he’s the closest thing I know to one personally.

What he’s really passionate about, though, is 3-year-olds in children’s ministry!

Once, we talked about his church and how he and his wife were getting involved. His answer shocked me and was memorable.

He started spouting out facts about how important it is for 3-year-olds to have positive role models and learn the character-forming values of the Bible when they are that age, specifically. “Two is a little young,” he said, “and I love the 4-year-olds, but the 3-year-olds are so moldable. They are learning how to interact with others. They are starting to build healthy views of relating with others and with God. They are in such a strategic place for investment.” (Sounds like a rocket scientist, right?)

Do you know how he found all that out?

He volunteered in a place where there was a need, and then his heart became invested.

He didn’t know until he tried.

Now, I’m not sure whether that was the first thing he tried or not, but I do know he didn’t know until he tried.


Maybe you are like John. Perhaps you aren’t sure what you are passionate about. Maybe you’d like to get involved, but you aren’t sure where you could add value.

Can I encourage you to try something? Kids Ministry is a great place to start! They’ll walk you through exactly what to do and partner you with a veteran till you know what you are doing. Who knows, maybe 3-year-olds could be your passion area? Click here to discover how you can serve. 

Or maybe it’s something else. Our church has something for just about everyone! What would you be willing to try — greeting people, working in the café, being on our production team or prayer team?

God’s Word encourages us to be involved and not just observe (James 2:17-24), and serve, not just be served, like Jesus modeled (Matthew 20:25).

Serve our world could start right here at Worship Center. Check out the many options here! What’s holding you back?