Remember the Light

by Cindy Scott on February 21, 2019

When we moved into our new home one of the only downsides is that the "master suite" isn't that sweet (but, hey, you only sleep there). The biggest adjustment was that the bathroom barely fits one person so we needed to get creative with where I could do my hair. It was definitely a first world problem, but the struggle was real.

I opted for my dresser, though it was still a little tight and the lighting was less than optimal. Recently, my wonderful husband put up a light for me, though, and I've found it's really helpful!



I can see clearly now, and I am having less shocking experiences when I get to work and see something odd in my hairdo. But it's still new to me. I haven't always had a light.

So, the other day as I finished blowdrying my hair I thought, "Man, I wish I could see my hair better."

And then he spoke to me: "Remember the light."

It was much more than just an assist with my hair that day. I keep thinking about it. There are a lot of things in my life that I wish I could see better. Jesus provided gave me the gift of light when he made a way for me to access God directly, but I often forget that our Help is just an ask away.

"For you are the fountain of life, the light by which we see." Psalm 36:9 

Remember the light! It's there for you. It’s there for them.

As we walk with God, it can be easy to want to tell others what to do rather than encouraging them to walk in the light provided for them. I was recently chatting with a young woman who wanted to set up better boundaries with someone she kept talking to that was not kind to her.

As she spoke, I asked her questions:

What would the boundaries give her?
Where were they needed?
What was keeping her from doing what she felt she wanted to do?

As this young woman spoke, she saw that she talked to this other person as a habit when she was driving. She brainstormed other things she could do instead of making those phone calls. She decided to talk to God about her loneliness.

She went deeper than just putting up boundaries. She discovered the root of the issue and decided to address what was going on at a much deeper level.

I could have told her what I did when I needed to set up boundaries, or I could have given her a little lesson about the importance of boundaries. But her story was hers. There may be things from my life that were similar, but shifting the focus to my story, my experience, my education was not what she needed.

How about you? Are there things you want to see more clearly? Do you ask others to tell you what God longs to speak to your heart or do you interact directly with him? Or, when someone shares a concern with you, do you tell them what God may be saying or do you encourage them to interact with him for themselves?

Hearing from God for yourself isn't always easy, but it's the greatest adventure there is and worth the effort. Helping others hear from him is making disciples not dependents. He loves us all and wants us to walk with him in his light!

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