Questions for a Thankful Heart

by Chelsea Mosher on November 24, 2020

In a year like 2020, it can be easy to get lost in the weeds of what could've been, the losses we've endured, and the hurdles that we've faced. But when we gaze upon the cross, remembering all that Jesus endured and the gift of eternal life we've been promised, our hearts are filled with gratitude.

In Colossians 2, Paul writes to the church in Colossae from prison and talks about letting our roots grow down deep into Christ, building our lives on him. Paul says we should be overflowing with thanksgiving (v.7). Our thankfulness is a telltale sign of our faith. Followers of Jesus always have something to be thankful for — our salvation in Christ!

It's been a challenging year, and for some, it's been a devastating year. As believers, our gratitude can set us apart. Even if our worlds crumble, even if we lose it all, we have this hope of salvation in Christ Jesus that never fails. Here are some questions to ask yourself this Thanksgiving week as we reflect on what it means to be grateful in the middle of chaos.

Questions for Thankful Heart:

  1. Who am I especially grateful for this year?
  2. How have I seen God come through for me this year?
  3. When I literally count my blessings, what's at the top of my list?
  4. How did a particular friendship or relationship grow even more this year?
  5. What unexpected blessing am I thankful for?
  6. How have I experienced God's comfort recently?
  7. What undeserved blessing did you receive this year?

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