Jesus With Skin On

by Eric Scott on January 07, 2019

I heard a story long ago about a father putting his child to bed. His little one was so scared of a monster he believed to be in his closet. His dad thought he was comforting his child when he explained, "Son, you don't have to be afraid at all. Jesus is always right here with you - all night long." The little boy responded, "Yes, I know that, Daddy. But right now I need Jesus with skin on!"

Support and Recovery groups at Worship Center are like that - Jesus with skin on. We are privileged to have support group leaders who are overcoming in different struggles. They aren't afraid to step into the messes of our lives to partner with what God is doing right in the midst of the mess.

You may think, "How could Jesus be involved with this mess I'm in? He's holy. Why would he want to be near me now?"
Dear one, respectfully, you could not be more wrong. Here's the truth about where God is when our hearts are broken, and we feel like we're in a quicksand we can't free ourselves from:

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed." Psalm 34:18 (NLT).

We're in a new year and our Support and Recovery leaders are ready to be "Jesus with skin on" as they carry the presence of Jesus in their hearts and into each group they lead. I'm excited to let you know we have a new group for women who have experienced sexual abuse, a new follow-up group to Confronting Anxiety called Releasing Anxiety, and another group for women struggling with pornography addiction called Pure Freedom.

Other groups include:

Whatever your struggle may be, our leaders are here to help you - "Jesus with skin on."

Find more information on our Support and Recovery Groups page.

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