Better Together: Building the Walls

by Chelsea Mosher on February 05, 2019

The Now Story walls were a labor of love in 2018, and we saw the impact they made in our church. Members, kids, people passing through -- so many had a Now Story they wanted to share. We saw God do amazing things in and through our church by reading what people decided to pin up on those boards. 

As the year drew to a close, Pastor Matt felt 2019 was a year to focus on unity as a church. He asked the question, "What could we do together that we could never do alone?"

That inquiry drew creative minds in, and we wondered: How can we ask the church this question in a way that's engaging? We brainstormed ideas and sketched designs, and soon the concept of our Together Walls was born. 

The Media department spent days and weeks designing, drafting, and building the walls. We searched through photos in our archive from the year and specifically chose images that genuinely represented how Worship Center is better together in experiencing God, growing, and serving our world -- from baptizing a child to meeting in homes to feeding 80,000 hungry people. 

We wanted the design to be fresh and modern, but not trendy. We landed on triangles and photos in geometric shapes. Soon, the gray Now Story walls were covered in a dark blue, and we had the triangles printed on PhotoTex and foam board. We spread the design out on the floors and cut each shape out, then laid them out, piecing them together like a puzzle. 

The design went from a conceptual idea in our brains to an image on a computer, to a puzzle on the floor, to (finally) the finished product on the walls. The familiar bulletin boards went back up, ready to be filled with people’s stories. The vinyl letters on the wall ask the question, "What could we do together that we could never do alone?"

That question is meant to make you stop and think. We aren't on our own; we're built for community and togetherness. But the question we want you to answer has a million different ways of bringing God glory. It's about your story, your purpose, your life. It's for the single mom who found a village of support. It's for the person far from home who discovered a community that looks, talks, and worships like them. It's for someone lonely who found friendship at a church and ultimately through Jesus. The question is this: How have you experienced "better together"? 

So grab a pen and write it out next time you're at church. Tell us, because we really want to know!

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