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Shane and Kristina's Story

“Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.” Psalm 37:4

How many times have we heard that verse above quoted when we are asking God to answer a prayer or grant us something we’ve yearned to have for a long time. But what happens when the desires of our heart are unfulfilled? God does answer our request, but not always in the timing or in the way we expect Him to.

Shane and Kristina Achey are one couple who saw their faith stretched when a desire of their hearts was not answered in the way they dreamed. Shane and Kristina are Christians, and both attend the Worship Center. This young couple want nothing more in life than to raise a family that honors the Lord.

Shane and Kristina had been dating two to three years before getting married and, during that time, they discussed their interest in starting a family.

“I love kids. I love being around kids. I always wanted children of my own,” Shane explained.

“I used to carry my baby doll around with me everywhere in the stroller,” stated Kristina. “All I ever wanted to be was a mom.”

God had stirred the desire to raise a family in both of their hearts.

Two years of marriage had passed and Shane and Kristina were in agreement and ready to start building a family. Like any young couple, they both had gone through some tough times already and successfully made it through those storms. But little did they know it was those rough times that would prepare them for the next challenge in life.

After a year of trying to get pregnant, they saw no results. So, Shane and Kristina sought help from a specialist. The couple underwent a series of grueling tests that weighed on them physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

The doctors offered several options, but the one that kept coming back to them was IVF (in vitro fertilization). Shane and Kristina were not exactly comfortable with the idea of IVF, and being told that they would only have a 1% chance of conceiving without it didn’t make it any easier.

After much prayer and research, Shane and Kristina hesitantly chose to do the procedure and sometime later received the exciting news that the embryo had taken hold. They immediately began to share the news with some family members and their small group friends. Then, in the short span of 48 hours, that all changed.

The specialist called back with the results of the blood work, saying they were most likely going to suffer a miscarriage. Shane and Kristina were devastated. In just a moment, the desire of their hearts had been snatched away.

“All I ever wanted to be was a mom.”

The child continued to grow for eight weeks, even though they knew this dream wouldn’t come to pass. With broken hearts, they cried and pleaded with God as to why He would let them experience the signs of pregnancy and then take it away. Through the pain, Shane still wanted to believe God would come through, while Kristina was exhausted in all ways and didn’t want to try again.

“After we found out the bad news . . . I could finally let it go. I have no control over this. I could finally give it to God,” explains Kristina.

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7, NLT

During eight weeks of pain, God revealed Himself and drew them both closer together than they had ever been before. God was healing their broken hearts and preparing to mend them.

Shane was steady in the Word when God revealed the name of their child to him. He began walking around their baby's room, praying over it and singing in worship. The Lord began to reveal to him visions of a future, where Kristina was holding their child.

“I know we’re going to have children. I just don’t know where or when,” Shane said. So, Kristina stepped out in faith with Shane, believing God would still answer their prayer, and they tried IVF one more time. Several days after the implantation, they got a positive sign. But Kristina was not ready to believe until she heard the baby’s heartbeat.

It was at their six-week checkup when Shane and Kristina got their answer to prayer. They felt God’s faithfulness when they heard the heartbeat of not one but both of their children. In tears of joy, Kristina cried out, “Thank you, Jesus!”

Now it’s nineteen weeks later, and the soon-to-be parents rejoice in the promise of two children. They went into this journey asking for one child, and God is sending them two. In the midst of this all, Shane and Kristina were able to minister to their families, their small group, their co-workers, and most importantly themselves.

If you run into them at church they will tell you that the most important thing they learned about this all was investing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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