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Pain-Free Hands

For approximately a month I was experiencing a lot of pain in the joints of my hands. It was painful to do simple tasks. For example, it became difficult to open a door or remove a lid from a jar.

At the start of the Prayer and Healing Class I was attending one Thursday evening, the instructor asked if anyone was having pain in the joints of their hands. He and his wife offered to pray with this person at the end of the class. So, when the class was over, I identified myself as someone with pain in my hands.

They placed their hands on my hands and prayed. Afterwards, the instructor asked me to move my hands to see if there were any changes. I opened and closed my hands, and the pain in my left hand and three of the fingers on my right hand was immediately gone. Praise the LORD!

The next day, the pain in the two remaining fingers of my right hand was also gone. Today, my hands are pain free!

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