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How Immigration and Politics Affect Missions

The gospel has been unstoppable from the time of the very first church through right now

Nationalism and immigration are constantly in the headlines these days. We all have varying opinions on how this affects our home nation, but what about missionaries sent to other nations?

Since this is not an issue limited to America, and coupled with the fact that most of our missionaries are not serving in their birth nations, these are trends that impact missions.

Obtaining the visas required to live and serve in these nations are becoming more and more difficult. The general sense of fear and suspicion directed towards foreigners affects the legal entry process.



Once on the field, the pressures are becoming increasingly difficult. Whatever happens in American politics is attached to every American missionary. I can say from personal experience; there are seasons where it is far more difficult to share Jesus with an American accent. Everyone wants to talk about politics before you can talk about Jesus.

Also, the rise of social media and the internet has brought security risks to workers in sensitive areas. As we try to enter countries which are not as open to the gospel, one quick Google search can result in an undercover worker being discovered and denied entry or worse, imprisoned.

These are new challenges in the world of missions but by no means deterrents. Awareness is essential, but the gospel has been unstoppable from the time of the very first church through right now. There is no reason to see that changing. One thing you can do is pray for our missionaries and our mission teams who travel overseas. Pray for their safety and that the gospel will be spread despite the challenges that may stand in the way!

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