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Five Simple Steps to Start Your Own Small Group

Leading a small group is probably easier than you may have thought.

“So, basically, it’s just like facilitating a discussion?” That was the question I heard from a prospective small group leader after I gave them a quick overview of using the leader’s guide.

Starting and leading a small group is probably easier than you may have thought.

At Worship Center, our Small Groups have three categories: Support & Recovery Groups, Focus Groups (that focus on a particular area for a season), and Community Groups.

For the most part, our Community Groups are based on discussion questions from the message on Sundays and Mondays. Discussion-based learning allows everyone to participate and engage God’s Word with their real life. As Pastor Matt says, “Discussion leads to discovery as we intersect God’s next with our now.” This model also allows the leader to be more of a discussion facilitator rather than a teacher or counselor. 

Here are the simple steps to starting your own group:

1.    Decide when and where your group will be (e.g., Tuesday nights at 7pm at our home).
2.    Fill out the Small Group Leader’s Application so we can connect you with a Small Groups Team Leader who will support you in your launch.
3.    Invite at least four friends to join your group (Let us know if you would also like to be featured on the group finder for others to join you).
4.    Watch the ten minute "How to Use the Leader’s Guide" video. Leader’s guides are available at Center Square. You can also pick up a Small Group Leader’s handbook there. 
5.    Jump in and connect with your group! Usually, new groups run seasonally and start when the next small groups season starts. In this case, the next season will start the week of January 13.

There you have it. For more information on Worship Center small groups, watch this short Leader’s Handbook video or contact us directly via email.

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