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21 Days of Prayer 2019

God is more concerned about your heart passion than he is about your knowledge about prayer.


One of my former pastors, Joshua Finley, received a prophetic word several years ago that resonated deeply with me. The essence of this word was, "Out of a distracted land I am raising up a people who are whole-hearted to pray for My purposes."

In the spirit of this word, I want to invite our congregation to join us for our annual 21 Days of Prayer.

When will this happen?

The 21 Days of Prayer starts Monday, January 14 and goes until February 3.

Is there a prayer service during this time where all are invited to come and pray?

Yes! The 21 Days of Prayer will kick-off with a Night of Prayer on Sunday, January 13 at 6pm.

Will the church provide some direction for these 21 Days of Prayer?

Yes. Our Executive Pastoral Team (Pastor Matt Mylin, Pastor Don Neff, Pastor Bryce Taylor, and Pastor Chris Lautsbaugh) have put together the prayer points for each of the 21 days.

What areas will we pray for?

We'll be praying for seven days each concerning these areas: family, community, and the nations.

You may be tempted to think, "I'm not sure how much impact my prayers are going to make. I think I'll leave that to people more spiritual than I." Please do not let this guide your thoughts! I remember years ago witnessing a family in a vehicle drive right into the side of a semi-truck traveling at about 70 miles per hour. I had a one-word prayer, "Jesus!" That prayer was heard. No one was killed in that accident, and we realized God had us there at that moment to call in emergency services and help the family and truck driver get out of their vehicles. Each one of us has a place and purpose. You matter!

Now, you may not consider yourself a "prayer warrior," but God is more concerned about your heart passion than he is about your knowledge about prayer. I have no doubt that you care about your family, our community, and the nations. All you need to do now is cry out to God to bring his kingdom to each of these areas during these days with the help of our leader's prayer points. Ready, set, go!

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