Find a place to serve

Getting in the Game

Ever sat in the crowd watching a sporting event and wish you were out there on the field? Unlike that sporting event, where there are a limited number of positions, there is a place for everyone at Worship Center. It's easy to go from spectator to participator through Team WC.


Whether you're fairly new to the church family or have been here awhile, you can join a team of people who have connected with the mission of Worship Center to help people find their purpose in Jesus. Through Team WC, each individual engages with this mission as vision-carriers and influencers.


Serving with others on a team is a great way to make new friends at Worship Center. There are lots of openings to serve that really make a difference in people's lives. So, you can begin the process of joining in right away. To begin, create a myWC account and apply for positions that match your skills and passions. Some positions require church membership, and if you're not a member yet, the Count Me In orientation can help you with this process.



At Worship Center, there is a place for everyone!

Start Serving with myWC

Step 1: After logging in or creating your myWC account, edit your profile. Select the "My Fit" tab. Follow the steps to fill in your spiritual gifts, passions, and abilities. This is an important part of finding positions that are right for you.


Step 2: Hit "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your answers. Then, select "Positions" on the left navigation bar.


Step 3: Here you can browse all available positions, or select "My Best Matches" to see the ones that are right for you!