Find a place to serve

 God has called every believer to the work of the ministry. The Church is designed like the human body, with every part necessary for the body to function properly. God made each of us with unique abilities so that, together, we become the full expression of Jesus Christ.

'Ministry' is using whatever God has given you to serve Him and the needs of others. There are opportunities to serve both here at Worship Center and globally through our missions initiatives.

Do you know where you'd like to serve? If so, complete the volunteer application at the link below. Some positions require you to complete the Count Me In Orientation, while others may require background checks. For those positions that don't have these requirements, you can complete the application to get started right away.

If you're not sure what positions are available, scroll down to learn how to use myWC's position finder.


The Right Fit


myWC, Worship Center's online resource, provides you with a way to discover the positions that best align with your spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, and even personality style. Just log in to myWC and follow the instructions below to see what you'll find!

You will need a myWC account to use this resource. If you do not have an account, click here to create one.


Step 1: After logging in or creating your myWC account, edit your profile. Select the "My Fit" tab. Follow the steps to fill in your spiritual gifts, passions, and abilities. This is an important part of finding positions that are right for you.


Step 2: Hit "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your answers. Then, select "Positions" on the left navigation bar.


Step 3: Here you can browse all available positions, or select "My Best Matches" to see the ones that are right for you!