Find a place to serve

 God has called every believer to the work of the ministry. The Church is designed like the human body, with every part necessary for the body to function properly. God made each of us with unique abilities so that, together, we become the full expression of Jesus Christ.

'Ministry' is using whatever God has given you to serve Him and the needs of others. There are many opportunities to serve, whether in this church or around the world.


When you serve on a team, you become a part of Worship Center's mission and story in a unique way.


Groups & Care (Growing together): Small group leaders, financial coaching, Connections and First Steps teams

Hospitality (From the parking lot to the service): Welcome team, café and food services, ushers, security, golf cart drivers.

Kids & Students (from birth to Grade 12): Presenters, caregivers, small group leaders, audio/video/lighting

Media: Photographer, writers, video talent

Production (audio, video, lighting): Audio technicians, camera operators, computer graphics operators, light board operators, Spanish translators

Worship (serving in multiple environments): vocalists, musicians


Some positions require you to complete the Count Me In Orientation, while others may require background checks. For those positions that don't have these requirements, you can complete the application to get started right away.