TLR InternsHIP

at Worship Center

Are you looking for a unique way to move closer to God and be challenged to grow and step out of your comfort zone? The TLR internship offers you 11 weeks of focused time to discover the tools of coaching, experience behind-the-scenes planning of church events, and serve in a specific ministry department area of your choice, all in the company of other interns like you who want to grow and mature in their ability to lead others.

The Internship is a great opportunity for churches and other ministries to invest in their young adult leaders and still have them activity serving and involved on the weekends at their home church.

The internship really made me more aware of the influence that I have on others, and grew leadership skills that I didn't even know were there.

- John Glick


As an intern, you will:

  • Observe and offer input in ministry settings conducted by ministry professionals
  • Develop, compose, and evaluate a philosophy of ministry
  • Discover your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop the skills to think critically and biblically about what it means to be a ministry leader
  • Evaluate and grow your time management skills
  • Create a doctrinal statement
  • Identify and mature in a chosen character trait
  • Lead and oversee portions of the Tuesday night gathering

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The internship showed me that it is a good thing to be challenged and to step out of your comfort zone. I was able to gain more confidence to embrace who I AM in HIM and became more vulnerable about presenting my mess to God. Because of this He was able to give me true FREEDOM and I am now able to use my own story, of how He rescued me, to reach others.

- Amber Joyce