EquipU is a course designed to help you grow in your faith and find your purpose in Jesus. Explore the summaries below of the three sessions EquipU offers: Foundations, Essentials, and Coaching Culture.


Foundations is designed to give you foundational principles and concepts that cover the power of the Gospel, owning your story, growth as a believer, and the beauty of relationships that connect, care, grow, and celebrate. 

This class is a prerequisite to taking other EquipU classes.



Essentials Course is an eight-week class covering foundational truths needed to strengthen those who are followers of Jesus. During this course, you can expect to engage with foundational truth that will help you to grow in your personal faith journey. Topics include, "Who is God," "Who is Jesus," "What happens when I Pray," and "Why is the Bible Important."


Coaching Culture

Coaching Culture will teach you how to coach others. This course is all about giving you the skills to start doing life with others. Moving from being a transactional leader to one who transforms the people you serve.