Raising a Standard

Developing leaders in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone was left with a crippled economy after a long civil war. The country's recovery was immobilized by the outbreak of the Ebola disease shortly thereafter. Though people and organizations from all over the world responded to the Ebola crisis by sending millions in funding to help the victims, greedy government officers kept the money for themselves.

As a result, Sierra Leoneans are stuck in the rut of poverty. The people need strong, honorable, and trusted leaders to rise up and take charge. Someone needs to show the people their capabilities.





They have the resources available to live better lives and build up strong and healthy communities. They have hopes and aspirations, but need guidance in how to reach their goals.

Worship Center will come alongside Horizons of Hope, a ministry dedicated to educating the Sierra Leoneans with spiritual, agricultural, and business instruction. Together, we will help to establish training centers that will equip individuals throughout the villages in Sierra Leone.