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Part 3 - "Making the Wrong Thing Greater"

Big Idea: God's love is greater than our fear

Main Scripture Passage: John 8:2-11 NLT

What are you afraid of? It's easy to live our lives in a state of fear. Fear of other people, fear of decisions being made for us, fear for the people we love, fear of our future.

But in Part 3 of Greater, Pastor Ryan Zook walks us through a story in the Bible that showcases the amazing love that Jesus has for us and how that love cancels out fear. In John 8:2-11, a woman is caught in the act of adultery and the religious leaders in her community are angry, ready to punish her in the way she deserves. But Jesus has a different, unexpected response.

Our fears can bring out the worst in us, but God in his unending grace covers our fear with the greatness of his love.


Speaker: Ryan Zook
July 26, 2020
Student Ministry Pastor

Ryan Zook

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