Saturday, October 15

A Fun Community Event


Worship Center is holding the 4th annual Family Safety Day, Saturday, October 15 from 10am to 2pm on the church campus. The purpose of this event is to introduce members of the local community to those first responders who risk their lives to keep them safe. The event also offers an opportunity for members in the community – both young and old – to learn basic safety in a fun and interactive way. Families are invited to get together around a common theme - public safety in the local community - by attending.

About Family Safety Day


Worship Center is partnering with many fire companies, police departments, EMS, and other first responders in and around Upper Leacock Township.



Lots of activities are planned for the Family Safety Day. At the event, kids will explore and experience safety apparatus up close. Attendees will take part in hands-on experiences like the fire hose demonstration, real 911 calls, and more.



Featured safety demonstrations include a smoking house exercise, a police K-9 unit, stretcher/backboard experience with an EMS team, and bicycle helmet and car seat safety. Other demonstrations and hands-on activities are still being planned. There will also be lots of giveaways throughout the event.

Want to be a part of making Family Safety Day happen?