Grades 5-6

Route 56 is based on Colossians 2:2 and the desire for our students to grow in their experience of God and in friendships with each other. Students are free to be themselves, ask tough questions, and wrestle with who God is and how knowing Him impacts their lives.



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Route 56 meets during Sunday services

9am & 11am

Holiday Weekends

Route 56 does not meet on holiday weekends. This is intentional. We want to be purposeful in having 56ers acclimate and connect in the main service as well as in their age specific area. They have about 10 chances each year to hear Pastor Matt’s heart, to worship with the church corporately, and to learn with the rest of their church family. This is a really big deal. Please encourage your 56er to go with an open heart and to be ready for what God has for them! Enjoy!

Current Series








In this series, we tackle some of the tough issues facing preteens today: acceptance, friendships, forgiveness, emotions, courage, temptation, bragging, fitting, bullies, and comparison. We look to see what God has to say about things first, then we talk through what it looks like to navigate these issues in our day-to-day life. The good news: God is with us and for us. Because of his presence, his Word, and the people he's placed in our lives, we're not left on our own!




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 "Guarding your heart is as important as guarding your body."





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