Our Team


Josh Grine

Student & Family Ministries Director

 Josh started working in student ministry in 2010, and now is the team's director and high school pastor. 

Josh describes how Jesus was involved with his life. "I didn’t want to go to church or be a Christian. In fact I did everything possible to escape the call to follow Christ. I grew up in church, attending youth group, and really anything else church related! After getting kicked out of Bible college, I was done with the facade of Christianity. Christ continued to pursue me and when I was 19 years old, Christ raised me from death to life, through a series of extraordinary and supernatural occurrences."

Josh says there was no LIFE experience prior to God. It was a wreck summed up by broken relationship and regrets. No doubt, Jesus rescued Josh to fulfill his destiny.

Josh's hope for WC is for every attender to embrace the purposes of Christ in reaching people – to get a glimpse of the severity of eternity and then relentlessly pursue our neighbors, coworkers, and any other persons in our spheres of influence!


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