Our Team


Mandy Johnson

Care & Connections Ministry Assistant

 Having worked at Worship Center previously, Mandy returned to our staff in 2015.

"Life is not meant to be walked alone and my role involves helping people get connected to our church family. Whether it's teaching Count Me In, meeting new people in Connections, or service hosting on a Sunday morning, there's nothing I love more than meeting new people and helping them take their next step here at Worship Center.

"We get this one weird, hard and beautiful life to live and I'm more and more convinced that all the detours that happen aren't detours at all. Life will never go in a straight line because it's in the sudden bends in the road where I have the opportunity to run towards Jesus and experience his loving-kindness in a way that is hard to put into words. It takes just one encounter with Him for everything to change. He is literally my only hope and I've resolved in my heart that his plans for me are good, no matter what my circumstances say, and that today's 'no' is because tomorrow holds the promise of a better yes.

My most important work that I do is raising my 3 girls - Olive, Clementine, and Juniper - to be real, to love big, and to laugh hard."


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