Kids & Students

Birth through high school

We’re committed to influencing the next generation. Studies show that when a young person has at least five adults investing in them along their faith journey, they are far more likely to continue in their faith after high school. We take this to heart, and Kids & Students Ministry, covering birth to high school graduation, is structured to create this "five adults to one child" experience for all. 

Early Childhood

WC Kids Early Childhood is specifically designed to help little ones from birth to kindergarten learn very basic biblical truths in a safe and secure environment. If this is your child's first time in our kids ministry, we've put together a few thoughts to help you know what to expect.

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WC Kids Elementary is Worship Center's ministry for kids in elementary school. In Elementary, we focus on teaching three foundational biblical truths: I can trust God no matter what, I need to make the right choice, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

The students begin to experience worship times together in the WC Kids Clubhouse [auditorium] and learn together through hands-on activities in small groups. WC Kids Elementary meets during each weekend service and some special events.

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Middle School

We know how fun, exciting, crazy, and confusing life can be for middle schoolers. We invest in the lives of these students because we understand how important it is for them to have a relationship with Christ personally at this age. We offer two ministry environments: Route 56 for students in Grades 5 and 6 and Converge for those in Grades 7 and 8.


High School

Converge is our ministry for high schoolers and stands for a central meeting point. This group is about meeting and connecting with new people and encountering the Lord. We are here to reach high school students at every level while connecting them with their peers and challenging them in their faith. We want to encourage students to express their faith by serving their community and the world, bringing honor to God.