Financially supporting Worship Center

Have a myWC Account?



Online Giving

Giving online is an easy and secure process. If you already have a myWC account, you can give online using the link above. If you do not have a myWC user name and password, you can either create one here or give as a guest. Either way, your contribution will be recorded. Click here to learn how.


In-Service Giving

You can give by cash or check during weekend services. Checks can be made payable to “Worship Center”. To receive a receipt when giving cash, use an offering envelope, which can be found at a kiosk in each auditorium entrance.


By Mail

Checks made payable to “Worship Center” can be mailed to:

Worship Center
2384 New Holland Pike
Lancaster PA 17601


Mobile Giving

There are two options for mobile giving, but both involve a text-to-give experience using your smartphone. Text your donation to 717.925.7288 using your text message app, or by clicking 'Give' in Worship Center's mobile app. This will take you directly to your text message app. Read this article to learn more about text giving.


Online Giving FAQs

Q: What types of cards or bank accounts can I use to give? You can give using a bank account or the following debit or credit cards - VISA, MC, Discover and AMEX.


Q: Are there any fees involved with giving online? No. You will not pay any fees with an online gift. Worship Center pays all associated fees from the operating budget.


Q: What funds can I give towards? You can give to tithe, building fund or any of Worship Center’s missionaries.


Q: Can I make a one-time contribution? Yes. The system allows you the option of either making a one-time contribution or set up a recurring contribution.


Q: If I want to set-up a recurring gift, what are my options for frequency of my gift? For recurring gifts, you have the option of giving weekly, every two weeks, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Here's how.


Q: Can I review my donation history online? Yes. The site will allow you to view the history of your donations. All giving, whether by check, cash, or online donation, will be reflected in your giving history.


Q: How will I know that I set up my gift correctly? After setting up your contribution, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


Q. If we want to help people get out of debt, why does Worship Center accept credit card donations? Used within the parameters, credit cards can be an efficient tool for payments and purchases. Many people utilize them in place of checks or cash throughout the month, and then pay off the balance in full. For these people, we offer the option of using a credit card to give. We strongly discourage those who have ongoing credit card debt from exercising this option.


Q: I have additional questions about online giving that have not been addressed. Who can I talk to? For any questions, concerns, or comments about the online giving system, please contact the Finance office by email at or by phone at 717.656.4271. You will receive a response from our staff as soon as possible.